From healing, fertility and religious rituals, through theatrical entertainment, to death ceremonies and ancestor worship, World Dance Cultures introduces an extraordinary variety of dance forms practiced around the world.

Each chapter covers a certain region’s distinctive dances, pinpoints key issues and trends from the form’s development to its modern iteration, and offers a wealth of study features including:


  • Case Studies – zooming in on key details of a dance form’s cultural, historical, and religious contexts

  • ‘Explorations’ – first-hand descriptions of dances, from scholars, anthropologists and practitioners

  • ‘Think About’ – provocations to encourage critical analysis of dance forms and the ways in which they’re understood

  • Discussion Questions – starting points for group work, classroom seminars or individual study

  • Further Study Tips – listing essential books, essays and video material.

Offering a comprehensive overview of each dance form covered with over 100 full color photos, World Dance Cultures is an essential introductory resource for students and instructors alike.